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Bruce Kamis has 20 years of experience in advertising sales with Philadelphia Magazine, the premier regional monthly magazine serving the greater Delaware Valley.

Bruce was known for working closely with his clients to ensure their message was communicated in the best way possible and they always got the most bang for their buck. During that time he developed an excellent eye for design layout and that helps him to be able to tell you if your image will look good on the product you’ve chosen or if it will not look as nice as you’d like it. He understands how promotional products fit as part of a total brand building and marketing strategy and strives to make clients successful in getting their messages across to their target audience.

Clients consider him their marketing partner who looks out for their best interests.

Gayle Kamis  manages the accounting, inside sales and acts as liaison between clients and suppliers at Kamis Imprinted Products.

Gayle provides outstanding attention and service to our clients. She shares Bruce’s philosophy about promotional products and is Bruce’s right hand in the information gathering and sourcing phases of a project. Gayle is your contact with any questions about your order once it’s placed.

When not working with clients, networking with others, or traveling to industry shows, Bruce and Gayle work in their award-winning organic garden at their home on the southern New Jersey shore.

Give Bruce or Gayle a call at 609-822-7663 to discuss your marketing challenge…


"We have been purchasing travel related products from Kamis Imprinted Products for years and have been happy with all our merchandise.  The staff is very easy to work with and very professional."

Marie Murray, Preferred Travel

"Kamis Imprinted Products has been partnering with Fulton Financial Corp. for 8 years.  Their professionalism and service help support our mission statement.  They always meet our time schedule and double check smallest of details."

Robert Sipe, Fulton Financial Corp.

"Having Bruce’s company take care of our promotional products is like adding another person to our marketing department. Bruce knows our business and our customers and knows what products will be a good fit for us. Bruce’s expertise in advertising and marketing is a bonus!"

Blanche Adams, VP of Marketing, Thomas H. Heist Agency – Ocean City, NJ

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