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Bruce Kamis

About me: I am an avid organic vegetable gardener. It’s a passion and I can’t wait until March to get my hands back in the soil.

The future:
I rebranded the company about 18 months ago, and the letter “i” in Kamis the logo is a tree. We’ve taken it in the direction of ecofriendly products and helping companies be good corporate citizens. The tagline for the logo is “Where creative solutions grow.”

Margate man helps businesses promote themselves

I try to take a kernel of an idea from a client and grow that into a promotion that’s going to be successful. What does the client want the product to do? How will it be distributed? How much longevity will the item have?

My background is somewhat unique. I spent 17 years with Philadelphia Magazine and have been involved with the casinos since they opened in 1978.

There are no products or prices on my website, but a white paper on the 10 most common mistakes when purchasing promotional products and how to avoid them.

There’s a lot of overlap between marketing and selling magazine advertising and creating a successful promotional campaign.

We really try to integrate the product to a mission statement or an event, rather than just what’s hot. I feel I have a little more to give my clients and it has proved very successful.

My wife, Gayle, and I travel to three or four national conventions every year, and I’ve uncovered some rather unique items in the marketplace. The most successful item I merchandise is a pizza cutter, which can be labeled on two sides so two companies can cooperatively cross-promote.

I’ve got a very good eye for graphics, with 17 years of dealing with quality companies every day. I can look at a logo and understand if it’s too big, should be bold or whatever because it’s ingrained in me.

The challenge is to integrate a promotional business product or apparel into the mission statement or objective of an event or a new direction the company or client is taking.

Gayle is an accountant and handles the administration for Kamis Imprinted Products, including merchandise tracking and such. I’m creative in a promotional product sense and I really do like to help people.

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